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$5.00 - 65.00


Thank you for considering submitting your artwork(s) online for the UNBOUND, Open, All Subject, All Media, Juried Exhibition at Art Center Sarasota.  

The jurying date for selection of artwork(s) for this exhibition is between March 6-7. You will be notified about inclusion or non-inclusion via email by midnight on March 7, 2019. Artworks that are selected will need to be received between 10 am - 4 pm March 8th or 9th. If you cannot make arrangements because of mailing please consider submitting in person on receiving day March 5, 2019 between 10am - 6pm.

During the jurying process, the juror will see the online submissions this way: The artwork will be viewed on a large screen or on a laptop. The jurors will reference the size of the artwork that you have provided. Please make sure that the image is high resolution up to 300 dpi and has no environmental or surrounding distractions-- that it is truly a picture of the artwork and not an in-process in the studio. All artworks must be complete upon entry, if they are not, they will NOT be juried for the exhibition.

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Please read prior to submitting work to the juried exhibition: UNBOUND
   This is open to all artists, all subjects and all mediums.

   Please review the following GUIDELINES:
Art Center Sarasota Juried  Exhibition Guidelines for Submission     revised 7.25.16 (supersedes all previous)
SUBMISSION   FEES: All juried exhibitions require a non-refundable entry  fee for each submission.
In an effort to maintain best  gallery practices, Art Center Sarasota (ACS) implements the following rules   and regulations for this juried exhibition. We ask that potential submitters   read and adhere to the rules as we will not accept artworks that do not comply.   Observing the following points ensures your artwork is exhibited in the best  way possible.  
NEW!     When entering work, we will now be asking for more specifics on your medium and base. We highly recommend that photographs, prints and digital art is numbered in an edition.
ORIGINALITY & PRINTS     •    All entries must be original work completed within the   last three years and not previously shown in any ACS show.     •    Copies and reproductions of original works of art,   whether embellished or not, are not eligible for submission to juried   exhibitions. However, prints such as photographs, lithographs, woodcuts,   engravings, etching, screen prints, and digital works are acceptable as long   as they are labeled as such, and numbered as an edition.
   •    Because of the misuse of the word   “giclée,” ACS no longer refers to copies and reproductions of original works   of art as such. Giclée refers to a method, not an object.
   •    Please be mindful of copyright   infringements – BE ORIGINAL!    
DIPTYCHS,   TRIPTYCHS & QUADRIPTYCHS    •    A Diptych,Triptych, or Quadriptych is considered as one   submission of artwork and must be priced as one individual piece. It   must be submitted, charged, and labeled as such.  The overall maximum size   of the diptych, triptych or quadriptych may not exceed 6ft. x 6ft.    Please contact Exhibition Coordinator to discuss any questions you might have   before submission of work.    
SIZE    •    Maximum size for artwork is 6ft. in any direction.
   •    Any entry weighing over 40 lbs. must be handled by the artist and prior arrangements for its placement made with the Exhibition Coordinator.
Art Center Sarasota Exhibition Submission Guidelines
TWO   DIMENSIONAL ART and FRAMING        •    All works on paper, including photographs, must be framed   with glass or Plexiglas; glass or Plexiglas must be clean (inside and out),   unscratched and intact.    •    Works on canvas must be framed or have finished edges.   Gallery wrapped canvas is acceptable, provided that no staples are showing   and the edges are clean and free of smudges and smears that are not in   keeping with the stylistic intent of the artwork.    •    Frames must be in good condition (no scratches or loose   corners).     •    Mats must be clean and smoothly cut.   •    Screw eyes and hanging wire MUST be attached firmly to   the back of the piece.
NO SAWTOOTH   HANGERS! If an alternative method of  hanging is required for the piece, it must be cleared with the Exhibitions  Curator in advance of its submission to the show.   
     •    Dust covers and/or other backing material must be in good   condition, clean and intact.     •    Art work must be completely dry.  
     •    ACS provides pedestals. However, the artist must provide   a sculpture pedestal for oversized work and/or works with special display   requirements.      •    Pedestal must have a broad base to provide stability on   carpeted surfaces.
REVIEW COMMITTEE    •    The Review Committee will inspect submissions for   condition and adherence to the above policies.    •    Inclusion in the exhibit is at the sole discretion of the   juror(s) (not connected with ACS and is   non-negotiable).          
WITHDRAWAL    Work accepted for an exhibition may not be substituted, nor will any be   permitted to be withdrawn during an exhibition, except in extenuating   circumstances, and then only with the approval of the Exhibition Curator.    
STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY    All entries are left at the owner’s risk.  Although precautions are   taken, the Art Center is not responsible for damage or theft.    Submission of work to any exhibition constitutes agreement on the part of the   artist to provisions here set forth.
AWARDS        Five Awards are given per show: First, Second, and Third Place plus two Merit Awards. First place   winner receives $500.00, Second Place $300.00, Third Place $200.00, and each   Merit Award winner receives a gift certificate to a local arts supply store.   To celebrate the high level of creativity in each exhibition,   jurors also select a number of Honorable Mentions. Artists must   personally receive payment for award either at the opening reception or   after. All winners are required to fill out a W9 form prior to receiving cash   prize.
Art Center Sarasota Exhibition Submission Guidelines
SALES    All work on exhibit must be for sale.  No POR (Price on Request)   or NFS (Not for Sale) is permitted in a juried show unless specified in an   exhibition prospectus.  The Art Center will collect Florida sales tax   plus a 35% commission on all work sold.  Artists receive payment of 65%   of original price.  It is up to the artists to claim sales on their   income tax.
     Art MUST be picked up within two days after the close of the  exhibition.  Artists must sign the entry form copy which is attached to  the artwork as a receipt and leave it at the front desk. If artwork  is not picked up on the designated day, fees will incur on a daily basis   {$5.00/day for every business day starting two business days after the pick   up date}.
DISCLAIMER    Any exhibiting artist consents to the use of his/her name and the artist’s   image(s) for purposes of promotion and advertisement by ACS.  The artist   waives any claim, including any claim for invasion of the right of privacy or   copyright, against ACS, its directors, officers, employees, and agents.
MISCELLANEOUS     •    The Exhibition Coordinator must be notified in advance if   an unconventional method of presentation or hanging is required. Policies of   the host gallery will prevail.    •    Once an accepted piece of artwork is installed in a show,   please do not ask to change its location.  Once artwork is installed, it   is in its final location and cannot be moved.

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